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Champagne Flute - Set of - Spiegelau

Sip champagne as it was meant to be enjoyed with a set of classic crystal champagne flutes from the glass-making experts at Spiegelau.

These breakage resistant flutes were crafted in Germany according to Spiegelau's world-class platinum glass process, which eliminates impurities and imperfections for a remarkably smooth, brilliantly clear surface. The result is a high-performance wine glass that marries elegance, functionality, and durability.

Adding to their appeal, Spiegelau Wine Lovers Crystal Champagne Flutes have been certified dishwasher safe by an independent laboratory that determined, after 1,500 cycles, no scratching, markings, loss of brilliance, fog, color change, or residue buildup.

Most importantly, thanks to their elongated bowls, Spiegelau Wine Lovers Crystal Champagne Flutes allow you to experience sparkling wine at its fullest aromatic and flavor expression, making them an ideal foundation piece for any wine enthusiast's budding stemware collection.